Stir-Up Shakespeare, by Brownsea Open Air Theatre


Salt dough fish for a feast

Fish for a Feast

Make fake fish for staging banquets and parties – but not for eating!

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Make a drum

How to make a drum

Make your own drum.

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Salt Dough Pies and Chicken Drumsticks

Stage Props from Salt Dough

Make fake pies and chicken drumsticks from salt dough.

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These activities will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The activities are rated according to difficulty and level of parental involvement: these descriptions are intended as a rough guide only. We have rated them to help parents of children aged 8-13, on the assumption that above this age supervision is rarely required, and that below it, supervision is generally required.

Easy : Set it up and off they go.
Intermediate : Some help needed.
Hard : Challenge yourself.