Terms and Conditions 2020

1) Ticket Pricing

2) Purchasing Tickets
Tickets can be purchased online from February 1 2020. Cheque orders can be sent in the post (to BOAT only) prior to then but those orders will not be processed until February 1 2020'

Subject to availability tickets may be purchased:-

Online at www.brownsea-theatre.co.uk or by phone (0300 500 0595)

Via post (by cheque)

In person in advance, at Bournemouth Pavilion Ticket Office.

In person on performance days (by cash only), on Poole Quay

3)  Purchasing Restrictions

The following restrictions apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser to note (for all his/her party)

BOAT productions are not recommended for children under 10. Due to insurance restrictions CHILDREN UNDER 6 CANNOT be accommodated.

Anyone inadvertently purchasing ticket(s) for any child(ren) under 6 should contact BOAT as soon as possible for refund (see terms in section 6). Refunds will NOT be given for such tickets returned on the day of performance for such a circumstance but only by pre-arrangement or in the circumstances if re-sold as specified in section 6.

People with Limited Mobility need to be aware of the following policy specified by Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd before ordering tickets:-

“We welcome disabled customers on board our vessels, but for safe access a small degree of mobility is needed by everyone. Due to the jetty and vessel design, adults who use wheelchairs must be able to walk (assisted if necessary) just a few steps for access at boarding gates, as crews are not permitted to lift occupied wheelchairs. Each wheelchair must be accompanied by an attendant to assist a disabled person in the event of an emergency on board. In all cases the number of wheelchairs that may be carried is at the absolute discretion of the vessel’s Master.”

Anyone needing clarification of this should contact Brownsea Island Ferries Ltd.

BOAT provide transport at the quay on Brownsea Island for any patron who has difficulty making their own way to Church Field where the performances take place. This does not have to be pre-booked, but patrons are advised to let BOAT know when ordering tickets of any needs to sit in the auditorium in a wheelchair or other difficulties which mean they would need to be allocated in an appropriate seating area.

4) Usage of Tickets

the scheduled date specified on the ticket


the contingency date specified on the ticket and then ONLY in the event that the scheduled performance is cancelled and replaced by a performance on the specified contingency date

5) Cancellation of Scheduled Performances

6) Refunds and Exchanges