Terms and Conditions 2024

Ticket Pricing

Ticket Procedures for 2024

Purchasing Tickets

Online purchases

In person in advance, at Bournemouth Pavilion Ticket Office.

In person on performance days (by cash only), on Poole Quay

Purchasing Restrictions

The following restrictions apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser to note (for all his/her party)

Usage of Tickets

Any ticket issued can ONLY be used for :-
(i) the scheduled date specified on the ticket OR
(ii) the contingency date specified on the ticket and then ONLY in the event that the scheduled performance is cancelled and replaced by a performance on the specified contingency date
(iii) Any re-arranged date that BOAT agree to add as a performance date should neither a scheduled performance nor its contingency go ahead

Patrons may use tickets to travel to Brownsea Island on the date of performance ONLY from Poole Quay on Brownsea Island Ferries ONLY at the scheduled times as publicised on the tickets (between 4:00pm and 6:15pm). Anyone wishing to go to Brownsea Island earlier in the day would be subjected to paying the National Trust a fee upon arrival on Brownsea Island.

Cancellation of Scheduled Performances

(i)Due to performances being held in the open air and on an island, BOAT has traditionally allowed for a contingency performance should the scheduled performance be cancelled. A performance may be cancelled for a number of reasons, eg adverse weather at the time, sea conditions, the auditorium and/or acting area causing Health and Safety concerns following bad weather. Hence BOAT performances are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with days between set aside for contingency purposes. However, BOAT will not cancel any scheduled performance at the first sign of rain and/or because the weather on the contingency date is forecast to be better, although BOAT will and does always monitor responsibly all forecasts for weather and sea conditions. Patrons should also be aware that the weather on the Island frequently differs from that on the mainland and that even on a hot day the evening can become cold. Patrons should take responsibility to cater for this by bringing appropriate waterproofs and warm clothing.
(ii) BOAT will always aim to perform on the scheduled date if possible. It is very much in the interests of the Company, as well as patrons, that the show goes on. After months of preparation and rehearsals, BOAT will always want to give patrons the best that can be offered. A condition on the purchasing of tickets for any BOAT production is that BOAT Management will take responsibility for deciding whether a performance goes ahead and that decision is final.
(iii)      BOAT monitors weather forecasts throughout the day and up-to-date information will be available online and on the mobile telephone service that BOAT provide on performance dates.
(iv)      BOAT may call off a scheduled performance at any time before the scheduled start time of 7:00pm. Anyone on the Island at the time a performance is called off will be transported back to Poole Quay and tickets will be valid for the contingency performance the following evening.
(v)       Once a performance begins, BOAT is obliged to continue and perform the whole play unless, in a very rare circumstance, it becomes unsafe to do so. In wet conditions, when BOAT considers it right to do so, the performance may actually continue in blacks or waterproofs rather than costume. Once a performance starts, there will be NO contingency performance the following evening.
(vi)      It is important for patrons to be aware of and note the contingency dates for performances in the event that any scheduled performance is cancelled. A condition of sale is that it is each ticket holder’s responsibility to be available for the contingency date and there are no refunds if the scheduled performance is cancelled and the ticket holder is unable to attend the contingency date.
(vii)     There can be no refunds if unable to attend either the scheduled or contingency performance, whichever takes place.
(viii)     Should both the scheduled and contingency performance be cancelled then BOAT will endeavour to arrange another date for that performance. That date, unlike the original and contingency, would not have been committed to by patrons at the point of sale, so if unable to attend a performance offered patrons will be able to request a refund equivalent to the ticket price

Health & Safety and Key Information